11 gallons dwarf sp. aquarium

This aquarium houses dwarf species, like fish, shrimps and snails (excluding plant sp.). As well as that it's a home of diverse micro life forms, including algae, fungus, microorganisms and bacteria.


19th August white saddles in females

Two days ago I discovered few RCS females having white saddles forming in their carapace and spreading into the abdomen, dorsally (producing eggs, see the 1st photo). In the beginning I had a feeling that I got 9 males and 1 female, but now I am quiet sure that it is the other way around. Some females are not that red which is confusing with sex ID, but the white saddle makes it clear now.
I will wait a bit before introducing Rasbora maculatas, if at all. I would like to breed RC Shrimps and R. maculata would probably eat the shrimp babies. I wonder how long does it take for the N. denticulata to hatch eggs? Non is carrying eggs at the moment. I started feeding the shrimps every day with a very small peace of Hikari Algae wafers. I believe that this tank is not mature yet to provide enough natural foods like algae, microorganisms and fungus.

Photos by Dusko Bojic