11 gallons dwarf sp. aquarium

This aquarium houses dwarf species, like fish, shrimps and snails (excluding plant sp.). As well as that it's a home of diverse micro life forms, including algae, fungus, microorganisms and bacteria.


Oligochaetes spp.

Today I discovered lots of approx. 3mm long worms on the aquarium front glass. According to many web sources it is one of the Oligochaetes spp. with bristles on their sides that are used for moving. It is not the Oligochaete Chaetochaster diastrophus that I experienced in the past.
I am not sure will Red Cherry shrimps eat those worms. If not, I have to find a fish or a snail that will eat them but not harm the RCS babies.

The second photo is showing an organism (question marked) that needs to be identified. I am not sure, but this 1/3mm microorganism could be the protozoa.

On the last photo beside the Oligochaetes spp. one can see long hairy algae. That is cyanobacteria aka the Blue Green Algae. It is impossible to see it with bare eyes.

Photos by Dusko Bojic