11 gallons dwarf sp. aquarium

This aquarium houses dwarf species, like fish, shrimps and snails (excluding plant sp.). As well as that it's a home of diverse micro life forms, including algae, fungus, microorganisms and bacteria.


SE Asian biotope

New fish+shrimps were introduced at the 10th of January 2007. approx 18 Rasbora maculata and approx 20 Crystal Red shrimps (CRS). This aquarium sure deserves to be called "the South East Asia biotope". The Flora and the Fauna of this tank of mine can be found in Asia.
Flora; Java fern, Java moss, Hygrophila "Rosanervig". Fauna; Rasbora maculata, Red Cherry shrimp, Crystal Red shrimp, Malaysian Trumpet snail and Red Ramshorn snail.

Photos by Dusko Bojic.