11 gallons dwarf sp. aquarium

This aquarium houses dwarf species, like fish, shrimps and snails (excluding plant sp.). As well as that it's a home of diverse micro life forms, including algae, fungus, microorganisms and bacteria.


2 1/2 month old set-up

Mature set-up ;Newly established set-up ;
As you can see on those two photos above, the tank did mature alot. The Java moss is beautifully taking over. I will leave it for one more month before I trim it back. Too much of Java moss will choke the whole tank. There are some good news since my last posting. All females are carrying eggs and there are many baby shrimps around the tank. The shrimplets are feeding exclusively of off the glass walls and filter sponge. They can be spot on plant leaves but not on the withered oak leaves. It is sure that their main diet are microorganisms, bacteria and algae. I feed the mature shrimps with very little algae flake (three flakes for 12 shrimps) every day. One day fasting. One of my mature females died a few days ago and was eaten by the Malaysian Trumpet snails in about two days. There are lots of snails, so I presume there is lots of microorganisms for them to feed on, because I am not overfeeding this tank but rather underfeeding. At all times the shrimps and snails are picking up on something from the glass, plants, stones, etc.
I am very happy with my shrimp population growing :-)
Click on the link to see the shrimplets video;