11 gallons dwarf sp. aquarium

This aquarium houses dwarf species, like fish, shrimps and snails (excluding plant sp.). As well as that it's a home of diverse micro life forms, including algae, fungus, microorganisms and bacteria.


Calling Neritina snails for help...

The Staghorn algae;

This aquarium got suddenly infested with this threaded Staghorn algae. It is only growing on Microsorum leaves and on the filter out-let. Shrimps don't show any appetite towards this type of algae. After two days of observations I have found the culprit. Algae infected only the old Microsorum leaves. So, I pruned off the infested leaves. I am not sure will this algae show up again, since my shrimp population has tripled (possible ammonia), but time will tell.

Neritina sp. Zebra snail;

I didn't clean the back glass for a while and of course it is now covered in Green Spot algae so badly that it looks like a carpet. I tried to scrape it off with a razor blade but no luck...way too hard. I introduced one Zebra snail and already after one day the glass looks much better.
This snail sp. have a very strong and sharp teeth being able to scrape this type of algae off.
One can see the way this snail scrapes the algae (tracks on the glass). I will update this blog after one week. I am positive this snail will totally clean off this back glass.
NOTE; since this snail originate from South/Central America this aquarium officially isn't Asian Nature aquarium anymore ;-)
Photos by Dusko Bojic.